Terms & Conditions

CM Data Research stands for Christopher Moik Data Research and is a free licensed business (freies Gewerbe), which was founded by Christopher Moik, MSc. (CM). It is explicitly neutral and independent and does not support any particular partisan, political or national interests. Instead, CM is committed to objective, neutral and unbiased analysis based on the highest standards of scientific theory and methodology.

The website http://www.cmdataresearch.com and its subpages (in the following paragraphs the term “website” subsumes the homepage and its subpages) are run by Christopher Moik, a private business based in Austria. Any legal issues regarding liability, trade, labour or consumer legislation will be treated under the Austrian jurisdiction. The following paragraphs outline the terms and conditions of using this website, the limits of liabilities of CM and other issues. Any user who does not agree with the terms and conditions as outlined in the following paragraphs should not use or access this website again.

Limits of Liability

Any user of this website agrees to release CM from any and all liability whatsoever in connection with the content of this website, CM’s academic studies or the content provided by third parties. The information and analysis on this website were published on the basis of the best possible diligence. However, CM cannot guarantee the complete validity, completeness and up-to-dateness of the published content.

The users of this website assume any and all responsibility for using the content published on this website. The content of this website shall be only regarded as general information. Users have to obtain professional advice from CM or other consultants before taking serious actions based on the information and analysis provided on this website. CM disclaims any and all liabilities for misconduct or the incorrect use of the websites’ content by its users.

CM might post content or weblinks of websites of third parties. CM does not assume any and all liabilities for indiscretions or legal violations on third parties’ content. The content of a third party’s website will be checked at the time of the publication whether or not the content of the weblink involves any misconduct or violation. CM, however, cannot guarantee that the content of the provided links will remain the same over a longer period of time. CM does not assume any and all liability for these changes made by third parties.

In addition to this, CM does not take responsibility and disclaims any and all liability in regard to damages or corruptions due to hackings, viruses, worms or other malicious software. Any user of this website is personally responsible for protecting his or her technical devices.

CM reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove previously published content or posts by users in the comment section from the website if they violate the law or contain misconduct. Although CM is required to monitor the comment sections and to react to criminal activities, it does not assume any and all responsibility for a user’s misconduct or unlawful behavior.


CM mainly publishes its own content, but its website also includes content, links and other media provided by third parties such as weblinks, stock footage media or other professional photos. The content produced by CM itself is subject to the copyright laws of the Austrian and EU copyright legislations. Any usage or publication of CM’s own content shall provide a reference to the original source by stating the name of the author, the business or the website or through a direct weblink. Unlimited use of the content is allowed only if the owner of the copyright agrees in written form. The content and information published on this website can be freely used for private, personal and non-commercial purposes.

Any action that goes beyond the legal framework regarding to property rights such as replication, adaptation, translation, retention, reprocessing or reproduction of the information provided on this website has to be conferred with CM in written form or with those holding the copyrights. Any property rights relating to a third party’s content remain with the original source, unless otherwise specified.

Data Privacy

Due to the nature of its business and responsibilities, CM is highly committed to data privacy. CM accumulates two kinds of data: first, CM collects personal data, which are voluntarily revealed by users. This can include emails as part of subscribing to the newsletter or personal information if someone serves as a content writer, donor, or similar. Second, CM accumulates anonymous data as part of a normal visit by a user such as the internet browser, downloaded files, IP address or domain name.

What CM does explicitly not do is tracking or spying on individual users, renting, sharing or selling information to third parties, or using personal and anonymous data for unlawful purposes or for any other form of misconduct. CM uses the data for analyzing broad consumer trends, browsing patterns, consumer preferences, or the behavior on the website, which allows us to increase the quality of our content, to allocate resources more effectively, and to generally improve the performance of this website. This does not include the accumulation and analysis of any personalized data such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.

The data collected by CM are generally used for marketing purposes. Any user who visits or registers on the website accepts these terms and conditions. Registrations for the newsletter or donations require users to read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy. Any individual who uses or accesses this website agrees with the terms and conditions and the privacy policy as outlined here.

The data provided in the masthead (Impressum) can be used for purposes of advertising by third parties only if business ties already exist or if the advertiser seeks consent with CM to use the information for marketing purposes. If this is not the case, any and all uses of the information provided in the masthead for the purposes of advertising are forbidden.

Use of Cookies

To analyze patterns of consumer behavior and preferences CM uses cookies. In its simplest form a cookie is an ID number which is stored by the user’s browser and then provided to the web server. A cookie cannot reveal any personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, bank account numbers or any other personal information. Neither does CM identify a cookie based on the voluntary information provided by users during registration processes.

Cookies are a wide-spread practice and are used for anonymous user tracking. By analyzing this information CM can simply figure out how many individual users have visited the website and from where they come from.

Data Security

CM handles the information provided by users with secure measures and due care. In regard to sensitive information, CM basically relies on third parties. For instance, donations are made via Paypal, or the storage of cookie information is done by WordPress. Nevertheless, both Paypal as well as WordPress are using the highest standards of security measures. The data stored by CM itself will be handled with a range of different security measures such as data encryption and a physical separation of the data storage and internet access.

Data Used For Analysis

CM collects and uses large-scale data for its research in the areas of economics and social science, many of which are provided for download on this website. These datasets used for analysis are completely anonymous and do not reveal the identity or personal information of any individual.

CM collects open source data or merges different datasets which are provided by third parties. The analysis provided on this website does not use or reveal data which are protected by a third party’s copyright. Sometimes the data analysis on this website is based on data collected and provided by the clients of CM. In these cases, CM does not publish the data, unless its client had agreed to do so.