Our Mission

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In today’s increasingly complex world with growing uncertainties and risks objective information and data research have become important assets for businesses, governments or organizations. Our mission is to help our clients in making complex decisions by providing data analytics and machine learning in the areas of economics, business administration, technology and social science.

Whereas data analytics, as we understand it, basically means the process of finding, describing and explaining data patterns of the past and present, machine learning tries to predict future data patterns based on the past and present. In doing so, we use computational statistics, machine learning techniques and cutting-edge technologies in order to make sense of big data. We offer our know-how and passion to help our clients in improving their performance, increasing their productivity or in boosting their leverage.

How We Work

Who Are We


CM Data Research is an Austrian based free-licensed business (freies Gewerbe) founded by Christopher Moik, MSc. who serves as its business executive, project developer and data analyst. After he graduated from the University of Innsbruck he switched to economics and completed his masters in international relations and markets with a particular focus on international markets and trade, monetary policy, econometric research and computational statistics at the University of Edinburgh.

Before he founded his business Christopher had gained experience as a researcher at public and private research institutions and as an ambassadorial assistant at the Austrian embassy in New Delhi, India. During his time at the university he was one of the founding fathers of Nihil Addendum, a student organization that publishes best-practice seminar papers and aims to connect students and research professionals with the wider public. Moreover, he gained experience as a data scientist as he worked on several data projects for businesses, political parties or international relief organizations. Check out the page Recent Analytics to read more about his work.

Team, Analysts and Contributors

Christopher works with a team of data scientists, a variety of companies, individual freelancers, researchers or other professionals on a fee basis. Moreover, CM and his partners are frequently hired and embedded in businesses, public institutions or research organizations to work with them on specific projects.

Righ now, CM is working with a highly skilled team of data scientists to develop and implement the Advanced Data Systems Analysis (ADSA), an algorithm which was originally developed by Remi Mollicone, Ing. and Giovanni Feverati, PhD. In addition to this, Johann Barbier, PhD and Maxime Buemi, MA are part of the team and help to implement ADSA.


CM aims to conduct research based on the highest standards of scientific reasoning and academic ethics. To CM, science means to constantly rethink well-established ideas, to compare different theories and to back them with multiple lines of evidence. If you are interested in how we think about the world of science and how we conduct our data analysis, read our section Philosophy