Product Portfolio

Wealth and added value essentially is the result of information and knowledge. The vision of CM is to contribute to added value and wealth by using economic theory and data science techniques.

  • Data analytics and statistical research in the areas of macro-economics, finance, business processes, pricing strategies, consumer preferences, business intelligence, marketing and other issues in economic science
  • Predictive modelling and machine learning algorithms
  • Advanced Data Systems Analysis (ADSA)
  • Automated data extraction tools
  • Knowledge and data management

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Implementation of Products

Data science and analysis can be implemented in a variety of forms, most of which are highly service-intensive. It often requires close cooperation with a company’s internal experts and consultancy at all stages of the implementation process. Due to the nature of our products, we provide short-term and long-term implementations. This includes:

  • Research studies (short-term)
  • Lectures and consultancy (short-term)
  • Cloud-based software applications (long-term)
  • Integration of algorithms and data tools into a company’s data section or automated production and manufacturing processes (long-term)

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Latest Projects

Advanced Data Systems Analysis (ADSA)

CM is collaborating with an international team of data scientists to develop and implement the Advanced Data Systems Analysis (ADSA), an algorithm to analyze complex data, which can be implemented as a cloud-based software tool for the purpose of information gathering or as an algorithm integrated in industrial manufacturing processes and other automated systems. Read More

Forecasting Famines

Our client, a relief organization, commissioned CM with developing a predictive model capable of forecasting famines in crisis regions. The model uses long-term panel data on climatic and weather-related conditions, agricultural output, economic productivity, infrastructure, security and governmental performance to forecast acute humanitarian crises. The model is supposed to allow the relief organization to respond quickly and to pool its resources more effectively.

The Terrorism-Tourism Nexus

CM conducted a large scale data analysis for a branch of the German tourist association, assessing the impact of terrorist attacks on tourism. Using a difference in differences regression model our results showed some interesting findings indicating that the impact of terrorism on tourism is not as straightforward as one might expect. Read More

A Poll Analysis of the Austrian Elections 2017

As part of a larger project for an Austrian political party CM analyzed more than 330 different opinion polls between January 2013 and October 2017. We calculated weekly averages which were weighted based on the quality of the opinion polls. Read More

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