Become a Partner

It is part of CM’s mission to find partnerships, to cooperate with researchers, businesses, organizations or the wider public and to contribute to the scientific, economic, social and political progress in the world. By partnership we do not mean sharing a business with a co-owner or something like that. Rather, CM Data Research is constantly searching for loose short- or long-term partnerships for specific purposes or to engage in a variety of activities. This can include cooperation such as joint research projects, events, marketing activities or media productions.

Joint research projects can have different forms. CM Data Research and other academic institutes often work on multidisciplinary projects which often require team work with scientists from different fields. CM frequently works with partners from the academic field in order to participate in short- or long-term research projects in the areas of economics or social science. Most of the time these joint research projects have strong quantitative focus on the subject, although they sometimes include both quantitative and qualitative parts.

CM Data Research also cooperates with partners who organize different kinds of events, many of which include academic lectures, congresses, school events or town hall meetings. We help our partners to organize these events or to provide analysis. Moreover, CM gives lectures on economic, political and social issues and data science or participates as a discussant at academic panels.

Another area of cooperation are joint marketing projects. We engage with research institutes, businesses or other professionals and help us in promoting each other, ranging from web based information sharing to large-scale marketing campaigns. For instance, we allow other research institutes or professionals, at least under certain circumstances, to publish their analytics and studies on CM’s website with a link and a detailed description provided at the bottom of the post.

If you are interested in any of these partnerships or you have your own idea of how to cooperate, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.