Although CM Data Research primarily gets paid for its specific products, it also receives donations from wealthy individuals. These donations allow us to promote our vision of objective data analytics and applied data science and to provide several activities that go beyond our ordinary day-to-day business. The following paragraphs describe some of these concrete activities.

First, donations enable us to conduct research independently and to engage with broader questions within the academic world. These academic problems might have no specific economic value for individual businesses but they greatly matter from a scientific point of view. This includes foundational research in the area of data science and automation, research on the bigger pictures in economics and social science or broader intellectual debates within the scholarly literature.

One of our current long-term research projects is a comprehensive quantitative study on the implications of technology on economic productivity in general and the effects of digitalization in particular. It also investigates how businesses, governments and individuals respond to digitalization, which advantages they gain from it and which problems can arise during this process.

Second, the generosity of our users also paves the way for constant progress in terms of innovative ideas, technologies and media productions. Since CM Data Research goes to great lengths to contribute to the academic and public debate, donations are contributing to the communication with our users and the broader public. It allows us to run our online blog, to provide scientific studies free to download from our website and to work on innovate and creative things such as machine learning models, small user friendly programs or interactive graphics.

If you share our vision, become a donor and help us in continuing our activities. To become a donor, click the button below and donate via PayPal. Read our Privacy Policy to know more about how we handle your private information.

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