Our Clients

In the last two decades businesses and organizations have accumulated huge amount of raw data. However, most of them do not know how these information can be useful for conducting business or how large and complex data can be analyzed. CM and his partners help industries, governments, research institutes, media outlets or other organizations at the national and international level to make sense of big data and to improve their performance, productivity and leverage.

Sectors and Industries

Quantitative data research has become an important asset for clients from different industries and sectors. Leading a business implies huge responsibilities towards customers, stakeholders, shareholders and their employees while facing hard and risky decisions in uncertain times and in an increasingly complex world. We provide both data analytics as well as applied data science to private businesses to help them in making difficult decisions or to improve their overall performance. This includes research for the manufacturing and energy sector, financial institutions, marketing companies, private research institutions, media organizations or different kinds of start-ups.

In addition to the private sector, we also serve clients from the public sector with a variety of different backgrounds. More and more public institutions, political parties and other interest groups formulate and implement policies based on empirical and theoretical evidence. CM Data Research provides data analysis and solutions which can help decision-makers in choosing the right policy, including quantitative research, policy evaluation, predictive modelling or risk analysis.

Just as businesses and governments, civil society organizations often operate in complex environments and deal with political violence, poverty and other kinds of humanitarian crises. In doing so, they heavily depend on solid information and data analysis. Our products and solutions help civil societal organizations in facing these challenges. CM Data Research conducts data analytics and applied data science for non-governmental organizations, foundations, societies and other non-profit organizations.

If you are interested in becoming a client, do not hesitate to contact us and to ask for further information.

Client Relationship and Service

CM Data Research goes to great lengths to build and maintain excellent client relationships. Ranging from the first contact to aftersales services, we always try our best to maintain a close contact with our clients in order to meet their demands.

An important part of our business is to fully understand our client’s needs, which is why communication is essential. Since we often operate at the international level, the communication process includes longer business trips, video conferences or intense email communication. In some cases CM Data Research is embedded within the business processes of its clients for several months to fully understand their needs.

The more complex a particular project is, the more often we contact and meet with our clients. First, we introduce our research project to our clients by providing a lecture, short introduction papers or a power point presentation. At this point of time, there is a plenty of possibilities for our clients to interfere in the research process and to change the direction. After the direction of the project was determined we provide a couple of preliminary reports during the research process in order to inform our clients about the progress we made. Finally, we give our clients instructions how to interpret and implement our products and solutions into their day-to-day business, which often includes long-term support.